Staying in bed is productive

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In this busy world, we are bombarded with tasks to complete and deadlines to meet. Often times we are so caught in completing short-term work that we forget about our long-term goals and personal improvements.

This is possibly where the title of this post becomes even more confusing to you. Shouldn't the advice be "get up early to stay productive" or "staying in bed is NOT productive"?

Contrary to popular beliefs, I stay productive while staying in bed in the morning for an hour or more. Oddly enough, I can easily accomplish things that I'm used to put off, learn new things, and build my habits — all things that I try very hard to do after I get out of bed.

An added benefit is that I get to feel a sense of accomplishment, self-confidence and great boost of energy moments before I actually get out of bed. Take that, productivity gurus who teach people to feel energized after they get out of bed!

Jokes aside, here's how I do it:

I wake up at around 6:30AM to 7AM depending on how late I go to bed the previous night. I succumb to the warmth of my bed so I refuse to get up while I reach for my phone.

OK, so far this is the exact opposite of what I described. I don't claim to be an ultra productive and overall zen person, so I cave to desires as much as the next guy.

But, here's what's magical about the time before you get out of bed: you are almost entirely free of distractions.

This is when you can browse industry news, learn new things by reading articles and watching videos.

I have started building a habit of writing 100 words everyday, so this is also where I can meet that 100-word quota easily after I read something new and have new insights. This not only helps with clearing up my mind, it also acts a self-injected shot of energy and motivation as my ideas start to flow.

By the time I actually get out of bed, I feel excited because of these new ideas and insights I just had; I feel fulfilled because I've improved myself a tiny bit  with the new things I've learned; and I feel energized to start my day as checking off my daily habit-building item generates momentum for being productive throughout the day.

What are you going to do while staying in bed tomorrow morning?

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