"6 months in, I still feel like I'm a beginner"

You are learning web development and gradually understanding the basics. But after the 80th tutorial you went through and the 100th exercise question you worked on, you still have no clue how everything you have learned work together.

"When can I start building something for real?"

Eventually, you got tired of extending the Car class from the Vehicle class. You start asking everyone in the community how you should progress in order to start building something for real, but most of the answers you get are along the lines of "find a problem and build a solution around it."

"But where do I start?"

"Where do I start?" you ask yourself. All the tutorials and lessons you have learned seemed to only want to teach you how to use something or what's new in the industry — "how to build a dropdown in AngularJS", "new features in Angular 2.0", and "Javascript 2015 makes things much easier" are a few examples. Worst of all, the more tutorials and articles you read, the more things you discover you need to learn.

You can't help but feel frustrated and helpless to the point where you start to doubt yourself, and procrastination starts to kick in. "How do professional web developers do it?" you wish to find out...

Hi, I'm Sam,
and I'm a pro (no joke).

That rant above perfectly summarizes how I felt when I first started out. And as I've come to realize over the years, a lot of other people feel the same way.

Like many people, I just wanted to build web applications. I had a strong passion for it, but I was just so overwhelmed by what goes into actually making one that I never could do it.

Today, after years of struggle, I've finally gotten the knowledge and skills I need to build applications and solve real world problems. I've built everything from prototypes to productionalized apps, turning requirements into functional applications.

I now know what I was dying to know when I started out:

  • I can make sense of everything
  • I know what I need to learn and exactly why
  • I have a clear path to building an app from start to finish
  • I don't have to ask Google every step along the way
  • I can quickly find solutions to my problems and
  • I get paid to do what I love

That's why I'm offering this free 7-part email course — to share with everyone who's still struggling the process I use for building web applications from start to finish.

This course focuses primarily on the high level knowledge of building web applications: how things work together, why various tools are needed, and the process for turning requirements into finished products.

I will not, however, go into details about how frameworks/tools work, how to use them, or any of the programming basics (e.g. if statements, for loops, and functions) — there are enough tutorials out there. That said, I will include links to external resources to help you learn about some of the important concepts that are not covered in this course.

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