Who are we living for?

Do you ever wonder who or what you are living for?

You are not suicidal or anything, but sometimes you can't help but wonder, "what's the point to all this?"

I've yet to find an answer to that, and occasionally I would ask myself that question again.

This happens especially frequently after someone important in your life has passed, and all of a sudden, you lost yourself as well.

Goals, purpose, and ambitions that used to be part of you are sucked out instantly.

That feeling sucks, though never enough to make me suicidal.

Really, I just wanted to know, what is the purpose of life? That's it.

Thankfully, British comedian Ricky Gervais created a new Netflix show, After Life, where he gave a pretty good answer to the question.

According to the show (or Ricky Gervais), life is about helping others. Specifically,

...it's not just all about you, is it?... We're not just here for us, we're here for others... All we've got is each other. We've gotta help each other struggle through till we die, and then we're done.

Exactly! If we only look at ourselves and what life means to us, we would soon arrive at the conclusion that life is worthless to us.

But when we shift the attention to others, focus on bettering ourselves in order to help others, we'll end up having a purpose for ourselves as well.

When we shift our attention away from ourselves and onto others, life takes on new meanings; and when we help others, we become more valuable.

When we make others happy, we will feel happy as well.

With this revelation, I feel like I have acquire a superpower: I no longer care about how others think about me and the things I create as much as I do before.

I just focus on helpings others by sharing as many things I've learned as possible.

No longer do I spend hours editing out stutters and minor mistakes from my posts or audio/video recordings only end up not publishing them all together.

How I'm presented is not nearly as important as getting the message out there in order to help as many people as possible, so you can say that my perfectionism has been mostly cured because I have found the purpose of life.

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